Friday, October 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Mother!!!

It was my mother's birthday the other day. Want to wish her a special 'HAPPY PUUURRRRTHDAY!". My SMS baked cupcakes and the result was this picture. My mother loved it. Pity she was so far away that she couldn't eat them!!! Purr.... I'm sure she had a fab birthday in London...not sure about the weather. I guess it was sunny and about 13 degrees the other day but I do think she is misisng out on the fabulous weather here in Sydney - 16 degrees today and tomorrow will be 28 degrees!!!! WOW. Can't wait to lay in the sun! Purrr....


MoMo said...

Hi Charlotte and Happy Birthday to your mum,
You must ask your SMS to post more and put some more of your pictures up! That's a cute one on your profile.

Dragonheart said...

Hello Charlotte, nice to meet you! I hope your mom had a happy birthday.

I'm Dragonheart, a Sphynx living in Munich, Germany.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Dat's a grate purrthday gift. I just hads my second Gotcha Day, an my gurlfuriend Sadie caughted a big critter fur me! To make a long story short, they wanted to wrap an mail it to me, but it stopped movin, so they didn't.
Did they share the cupcakes wif you? Amember, when they say, "Not for kitty," the impawtant part is "... for kitty!"