Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Karl's blogoversary Lizard BBQ Party

I am honoured to be invited to Karl's blogoversary party. The bonus, of course, is that my sweet Riley is going to be there dancing with me as a member of the Mariachi Kitty Dance Troupe. Have we been practicing hard! Just treat it as a rhetoric question, won't you?

It is nice and sunny and we have a great time napping and sunning ourselves before the BBQ starts.....

l. to r. Mrs Oz, Socks, Scylla, Momo. I am under the table holding my mousie waiting for Riley to go and get me a drink.
Photo by Momo

We are all waiting here for Karl to make a speech and cut the cake....

Photo by Karl and Sassy

Here are us, The Mariachi Kitty Dance Troupe, providing the entertainment for guests ....

l. to r. back row: Socks, Opus, Roscoe, Riley, Gucci
front row: Momo, Scylla, Sassy, Me and Charybdis
Photo by Momo

Dah, dah - the group photo of all 36 of us........

photo by Karl
Isn't it totally pawsome!!!!