Sunday, February 24, 2008

Red Carpet Buzz

Oscar night tonight! My first red carpet event, courtesy of Karl. Please all come and celebrate the event. I hear that CCSI is considering another production and hope to audition for a role.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Breakfast is served

I get fed once a day and generally speaking that is in the mornings.  I am so hungry at about 5.30am that I start waking up and pawing at my SMS to wake up.  She generally turns away and tells me to go back to sleep for another 10 minutes.  I then decide to scratch at the fly screen as the window is just above her head which really annoys my SMS, that's how I get her to feed me in the morning!
I seriously am so hungry in the morning that I race down the stairs and go straight to my food bowl.

I then hear that wonderful sound of the food bag rustling and hear the cup fill with yummy delicious biscuits and I then try to grab them!  I'm just so excited about food!

Finally,  the food is placed in the bowl and breakfast is served!

My SMS usually caves in and I get a small little helping of food at night!  mmmmm....  I used to be fed soft food in the morning and biscuits at night until my SMS noticed I was growing big love handles and a tummy that was expanding.  The vet said to her that I don't do enough exercise and that I should cut portions or feeding down to 1 cup a day.  Yes - I am the biggest loser!  I have lost about 1kg.
Currently I'm being served these Salmon biscuits and I don't seem to like these as much as the turkey ones.  Riley, I think I'm becoming more fond of the taste of know the way to a girls heart, don't you?!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I thought that I might type in red because it is Valentine's Day.
Before I whisk off to Momo's LOVE BOAT, I just wanted to declare that Riley is my main man cat.  He is so special  Look at what he bought me...
THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!  I've never received flowers before from anyone, so they are extremely wonderful.  
Also want to say Happy Birthday to Riley's mommy.  It must be very easy for everyone to remember her birthday and for daddy not to forget!

Did you know: that according to the Greeting Card Association, an estimated 1 billion Valentine's Day cards are sent each year making Valentine's Day the second largest card sending day of the year.  (An estimated 2.6 billion cards are sent for Christmas!).

Anyway, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to all.  I'm sure St Valentine would be pleased to see that love is being spread around on 14 Feb.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Venice was such a fun trip!  I left a note for my SMS telling her to not fret and that I would be ducking out to Venice for a little gathering.  I surprised everyone!  I love my costume.  I've never been to a Venetian Canivale before.  
Lucky there are gondola's cause I can't swim!  Thanks Opus and Roscoe for taking the group shot.  I still can't believe we all fit into the small boat!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

To my Valentine

This is to my handsome mancat, Riley.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Home, sweet home

Except for those two worrying days that I regretably put my SMS and everbody through, my days are spent in a little terrace house in an inner city suburb of Sydney. It consists of two storeys and an attic and a small courtyard at the back where I laze around and enjoy sunny days.

This is my 'bedroom'. Well, it's not exactly a room as it is actually on the second floor landing and has no door. The bed is really for overnight guest but since that's an infrequent occurrence, I have taken over. You can see my scratching post at the end of the bed.

Although I have a scratching post (which I rarely use), I prefer scratching the lounge.

This is the lounge room which opens to the street. I love sitting by the door watching traffic and people walking by.

Being an old house there is a working fireplace, which we hardly ever use. However, it's a good place to hang my Christmas stocking.

The stairs is my favourite spot to nestle and watch the household.

This is one of my favourite corners of the house - where my food and drinking bowls are. It is in the kitchen.

This is the table in the back courtyard. I sometime hop up there to inspect what SMS and her housemates have left on it. They must learn not to leave anything whappable there.

Friday, February 1, 2008

I'm Back! Yippeee!!!!!!

After 48 hours, I decided to come home.  I can't tell you where I went cause it's a secret (I couldn't make it to see you Riley!) but I can tell you that I was dry, not wet and was certainly hungry!  
I ate all my biscuits that were left for me in my bowl, ate all my soft food that was in my bowl that my SMS gave me, drank lots of water and ate some more biscuits cause my SMS thought I was looking a little  hungry still. 
I don't feel very energetic, so I slinked around the dining room for a little bit...
My SMS tried to give me cuddles and pats and hugs but I really couldn't be bothered with that at the moment...
and then hopped on the couch (where I'm not really supposed to be) and nestled.
I am fine.  I never usually run off like this as I always know that my SMS will feed me and give me hugs and cuddles. If I didn't come home tonight I know that my SMS would have called up the RSPCA and put posters up of me around the streets.  My SMS told me that she walked the streets calling my name last night and knocked on the neighbours doors to see if I was at their place.  I wasn't. 
I want to thank you for all your purrs and purrays because it was able to lead me back home.  I couldn't have found my way otherwise.  You kitties are the best!

Good Night!  

I'm lost...

Hi.  This is Charlotte's Surrogate Mum and Slave (SMS).  It's been 24 hours since Charlotte has been missing.  Weather is rainy here so I'm hoping that she has taken cover and will be coming home soon.  She usually comes home when I get home from work and does some exercise by racing up and down the stairs, then scratches on the lounge.
Thank you for your purrs to guide her home.  I'll keep you updated on Charlotte's status...
Mancat Riley - dates may need to be postponed.  Sorry to break the news.  I'm sure you didn't scare her.  
From a very worried SMS...