Thursday, January 31, 2008


There are a few things that I like doing around my little house:

1. Watching the passing traffic behind the screen door. For safety reason, I am never allowed outside the front door because my house is on a busy street.

2. Stationing myself on the stair and looking through the bannister.

3. Hiding under the dining table, ready to pounce at unsuspecting passing feet.

4. Sitting on the back of the lounge, looking at my SMS reading. Of course, I would answer the phone if it rings. Please feel free to call any time, day or night.
PS Charlotte has been missing, I am worried but I hope she will return safely - SMS

Friday, January 25, 2008

FINALLY! The Christmas tree comes down!

My SMS is soooo slow! She finally dismantled the Christmas tree.  I thought I'd help her take the tree down however I really like playing with the tree and the Christmas decorations.
This is me helping take down some of the decorations. See, cats can be helpful!

Only a few more decorations left and our work was done!  I still can't believe that she took so long to take it down. Her excuse was the holiday!  Well, while the cats away.....

To all kitties in Australia - tomorrow (26 January) is Australia day.  Happy Australia Day!
Here it is one of the biggest public holidays celebrated in all the states and territories.  

Thursday, January 24, 2008

My toys

Being a predominantly indoor cat I don't have the opportunities to play with real mousies, the most I would get are the odd lizards and cockroaches in the back patio. Hence my humans buy me toy mousies and other things to play with.

This is my favourite toy mousie. It has a bell attached to its tail.

Please note those claws. I am not to be tampered with, even though I am mostly very sweet and hardly ever use them.

The silk flower is not exactly a toy but it'll do. The following one is just to show off my green eyes to a certain kitty.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Kitties in Syria & Jordan

Kitty my SMS met at Petra, Jordan that lives on top of the mountain

Petra - The Treasury

When SMS came home, she tossed all her stuff around the living room and dining room, so naturally I checked out everything that was tossed. Smelly clothes, souvenirs she bought and bits of paper - everywhere!
My SMS was telling me that she missed me heaps on her travels! She noted that there were loads of cats and not that many dogs in Syria, however they must have all gone down south to Jordan as there were heaps of them there. 
She ended up chatting to a kitty in Palmyra near the ruins who said "Welcome to Syria" which was apparently a very common saying that was heard all over Syria - very friendly people. There was another kitty in Petra, Jordan that lived with a local Bedouin person up on the top of the mountain. She said to my SMS that she had the best views and could see all the way out to the Saudi desert.

This morning I jumped up on my SMS's bed at 7am (she went to bed at 6am!) HA HA HA!

Results and good news

Wow, I am so very IMPRESSED that almost all kitties who participated got it right on every count.

1. Willow
2. Victor Tabbycat
3. Tesla
4. Parker
5. Jeter Harris
6. Me - Charlotte

Daisy was the first and got it spot on, Parker only had Willow and me confused. Victor and Jeter Harris giggled and said that they recognized themselves! Even newcomer Tesla recognized Parker and me besides herself. Now, that is really great. I guess we kitties know how to distinguish ourselves from one another; only beans get befuddled by superficial physical resemblance. A big thankyou to all participants as well as all the pretty/handsome white+tabbies who kindly allowed their photos to be used for this game.

Finally, the long wait is over! My SMS came home late last night with lots of dirty clothes in tow. It remains to be seen if she would blog for me on a regular basis. I hope she would! Otherwise I'll have to find myself a secretary. Wish me luck! Perhaps Cat Blogosphere would put an ad up for me, I may as well advertise for a secretary right now! Wages? Umm, lickies, headbutts and as many purrs as you like!

Friday, January 18, 2008

A game

Since I have joined the community of Cat Blogosphere not so long ago I have noticed many fine looking white+tabby kitties like myself. Most of these are seasoned bloggers but there is at least one who is fairly new. Therefore, I would like to showcase these magnificent felines and invite all you kitty bloggers to identify them. They are:

Victor Tabbycat, Jeter Harris, Tesla, Parker, Willow and little me.

Beau Beau should also be on the list but I don't have his permission to post his photo, so reluctantly I have to go ahead without him, which is a pity because we look so much alike, as Mosaic Cats have commented on earlier.

The photos are numbered 1-6. Results will be given by Sunday. Please, everyone, test your recognization skills!







Monday, January 14, 2008

My first awards

I am so overwhelmed - first an invitation to a most fabulous tea party, then a beautiful scrapbook portrait and now an award, my very first, given by those lovely kitties at topcatrules!

I would like to return the compliment to Pyewacket, Trixie and Tigger because they really have made my day, to Karl and Ruis for inviting me to the party, to Momo for easing me into the blogging world and looking after me at the party and to my new friend Tesla for being so nice.

The next award is totally undeserved as I really didn't do anything or guessing. Sassy kindly says that I could post the Participation certificate for dropping into her blog during her exciting space adventure with Momo. Thanks, Sassy!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Missing kitties

These poor kitties have gone missing. Please if anyone sees them please let their owners know. I am purrring hard for their safety.

Tigger's mom has done this portrait of me and Momo, isn't simply gorgeous? She is one talented and artistic lady. Thanks +++++++++. I am sooooo happy! Yipeeee!

Friday, January 11, 2008

My first tea party

I went to my first tea party yesterday - yes, Miss Peach's Birthday Party aboard the luxury liner in Antarctica. Thanks, Karl and Ruis, for inviting me. It was a bit daunting because there were so many cats there who all seemed to know each other. Luckily, there were a few familiar faces - Momo, Mr Hendrix, the TCR gang from Canberra and the hosts, of course.

As a momento Karl let me have these gorgeous star sunglasses. I am wearing it right now for a photo shot to be sent to my SMS so that she knows I am no stay-at-home kitty! While she frolics in Jordan I can also teleport myself elsewhere to enjoy the high life and to live up to the name of my blog site!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Breakfast strategies

It is tough being a kitty when first your mother left you for an overseas posting and then the surrogate mother (SMS) went off for a trip. I am by myself most of the day until the sitter lady (SL) comes back in the evening. She is OK but not the same as my SMS.

Every morning I would wake SL at about 5am (or earlier) to give me breakfast, even though I still have food in my bowl. The routine is as follows: first you scratch, mieow and make as much noise as you can at the door, then when it opens jump onto the bed and walk around and over the lump randomly, finally, if there is still no reaction, go under cover and give bitey on her toes. The last one usually works!