Thursday, October 18, 2007

Feline Friends and Gossip

Hi All. My first posting and very excited. My Surrogate Mum and Slave (SMS) has taken care of me for the year as my mum is working in London. I think she is enjoying it over there....well, that's what my surrogate says. My SMS and I were watching the news the other night and saw a news segment on Ellen DeGeneres (the talk show host). Basically, her dilemma was that she adopted a canine called Iggy. She got Iggy from the dog rescue organisation thinking that she was doing a good thing. She then realised that she for some reason couldn't keep Iggy and proceeded to give Iggy to her hairdresser, however Ellen didn't read the fine print in her agreement about informing the organisation that she was giving Iggy away. Ellen proceeded to break down and cry in front of her viewers. It was an fassssinating sight. Crying over a dog on national TV. Iggy was taken away from the hairdresser and Ellen is saying that the hairdresser's little girl wants Iggy back. She doesn't want another dog!



Victor Tabbycat said...

Hi! Nice to meetcha. This Ellen fing has all kinds of twists. Like, the shelter won't adopt puppies to famblies wif kids an shtuff. I agree... get a cat! We're a lot less trubble. Purrs!
Oh, hay, I fink you look like me!

Anonymous said...

Hi Charlotte,

I agree with you.Us kitty's rule
and we're far cuter than Iggy.